As a fiber artist…

I have developed my own techniques and creative process in which I connect and transform wool fibers to create felted poetry.

My main technique is felting, one of the oldest textile techniques in the world. To me sheep wool and the “simple” artisanal way of creation form a connection with the deepest roots of mankind – with the origins of being human.

Over the years I have developed my very own technique and style that allows me to achieve a very fine, smooth and sophisticated, yet firm and solid material.

I love challenging myself. In my latest works I use geometry as an inspiration. I implement patterns of sacred geometry, mainly inspired by nature as well as patterns from the Islamic and Moorish culture. The felting technique enables me to “carve” out unique sculptural works of art from surface and thus brings the geometry to life.

To me, these geometric patterns reflect the order of the universe, as the basis of all life and the expression of the divine. I combine the original material (sheep’s wool) with the sacred aspect (geometry) and let my hands form and transform to create something new and unique. My art reflects the idea of pure universal essence, which manifests itself in the creation of unique masterpieces, just like nature.

Artistic creation is a sacred act that requires calm, patience, full attention, devotion, respect and high quality. Therefore I only choose high quality materials for my work, such as the finest merino wool, silk fibers, precious papers, gold leaf, beads and many more.

I always felt inspired and fascinated by mystique. In recent years it is particularly the mystical in Sufism that fascinates me.

I love that in Sufism a craftsman’s and artists’ work is seen as the expression of divine beauty and is of exceptional value.


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grey felt creation
fish made in felt
creation in felt imitating coral
Seed made of felt
Seed made of felt
Biographie / Training and professional experience

2000 – 2004 Textile design studies in Schneeberg / Germany

2003 – Training in textile design – Atelier 44, Dresden / Germany

2003 – Training in felt techniques – Annette Quentin-Stoll, Weinböhla / Germany

2003 – 2004 Training in textile design – Création Baumann, Langenthal / Switzerland

2005 Move to France

2006 Registration beginning of artistic activity at the Maison des Artistes, France

2009 Training in Dyeing with plants

2012 Workshop with students from the textile design section ENSCI – les Ateliers, Paris

2013 – 2015 Workshop with students at the University of Toulouse – Fine Arts & Applied Arts Department, Toulouse

2015 – 2019 Trainer at the Training Centre LAINAMAC, Felletin / France

2014 – 2019 International trainer in felting techniques (Germany, France, Great Britain, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Italy, Holland, Argentine, Canada, United States…)

2017 artist residency in the headquarters of DHG in Prato / Italy

2018 Collaboration on the creation of a show costume with Coline Vergez for the la Compagnie Carré Blanc

2018 Training in “Dynamic art therapy”, Institut Cassiopée in Chatou/ France

2019/2020 Training in cranio sacral energy work with Henrike Baumgartner, CranioPowerClass, Austria

2021 Inspirational artistique travel to Granada (Alhambra) / Spain


2022 Finalist of the World of WearableArt Award, Wellington/ New Zealand

2013 Winner of the competition “Jeunes Créateurs” of the professional organization of crafts “les Ateliers d’Art de France”, Paris / France

2013 Second prize of the competion “100g, un poids – une unité” during the European Felt Days, with special mention for creativity, Felletin / France

2007 First prize in the competition “Feutrez-nous un mouton!” of the felt museum, Mouzon / France


Décembre 2017 au Février 2018 – Exposition individuelle au BAZART à Saint Antonin Noble Val / France

April 2016 – Exhibtion “TAF” with Ariane Mariane/Paris in Clermont-Ferrand in the Centre Anatole / France

May 2015 – “Architecture Textile”, la NEF, Montpellier / France

December 2014 / January 2015 – “A Pas Feutrés”, l’ATELIER des Ateliers d’Art de France, Viaduc des Arts, Paris

September 2014 – Salon “Maison & Objet”, espace CRAFT, Paris

2014 – 2016 – Exhibition “Black Sheep – the darker side of felt”, National Center for Craft & Design, Sleaford, Lincolnshire / Great Britain

2014 – “CENT MOTIFS”, Galerie Collection, Paris

2013 – “Inspiration(s)-Feutre !”, Saint Leu Art Expo, Saint-Leu-La-Forêt / Paris

2013 – “Mirabilis Incognita” au Salon “Tendances Créatives”, Toulouse

2013 – Salon “Maison & Objet”, Paris

2012 – “Carrousel des Métiers d’Art et de Création”, Louvre / Paris

2011 – “Rêveries feutrées”, Viaduc des Arts / Paris

2011 – “Vous avez dit feutre?”, Felletin / France

2008 – Legal exhibtion of contemporary textile art at the salon “ARTISA”, Grenoble / France


My art work is published in the following books:

  • PASSION FILZ/ FELT PASSION by Ellen Bakker & Ricarda Assmann, Octobre 2013; ISBN 978-90-818476-6-7
  • Worldwide colours of felt by Ellen Bakker, June 2016; ISBN 978-90-825378-0-2

Articles about my work in newspapers:


  • “Il était un fil” N°15, Septembre 2013 (France)
  • “ATELIER D’ART” January/February 2014 (France)
  • FUN N°3, 2014 (Germany)
  • PASSION fil N°24, 2014 (France)
  • Journal de l’Atelier N°5, 2014 (France)
  • Burda Style N°3, 2015 (International)
  • Journal Midi-Pyrénées Patrimoine 2015 (France)

Monumental wall hanging “Cycle” 2011

geometric felt, 2022

Sculptures “fishes” in the museum of felt in Mouzon / France during an exhibition in 2019

Sculptures “fishes” in the museum of felt in Mouzon / France during an exhibition in 2019

Vessels, 2013

Wall art , 2013

Wall art “Infinity”, 2014

Parade “Lunarium”, 2015 in Simorre/ France, costumes made by Maria Friese for the Compagnie La Ô in partnership with Miss You. More picturesHERE

Collaboration with Coline Vergez; Costume for the show “Chiffonnade” / Compagnie Carré Blanc in 2018 in France

“The blue mask”, 2022

Alhambra – Inspiration

Fish sculpture, 2015

geometric sculpture, 2016

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Yellow circle
Red woman
Blue shell

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