I like to accompany my clients to help them create more ease and fulfilment in their lives. Create your own life, like a work of art.

One of my biggest learnings in my artistic career was that creating a work of art is subject to the same laws as creating your own life. As soon as we realize that we are masters of the creative process, and we understand the underlying laws, we also have access to a feeling of ease, freedom and mastering in our life.

It is precisely these stages and laws that I refer to in my coaching sessions



Do you feel limited in your life and in your self expression ?
Are you longing for expansion and a feeling of inner freedom?
Would you like to feel more in control of your own life?


You want :


  • to live with more ease and joy
  • to feel alive
  • to get out of the reactive approach and act with more conscience
  • to emanicipate yourself from the feeling of lack to live in abundance
  • to open up to new perspectives
  • to be the creator of your own life
heART transformation

Become a conscious creator and make your life a masterpiece!

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Ensemble de ronds verts

How ?

I offer individualized support adapted to your own pace and needs. I look at you as a global being.

I accompagny you on the journey towards more joy and ease with various tools that I have experienced myself in various trainings over the past few years.

Each of us has unlimited potential and possibilities.I will help you to reveal your real potential, to feel more and more in control of your own life, becauseall the answers are already within you.

For whom ?

This is for you, if…

  • you have big dreams, and you would like to have someone on your side to supports you to achieve them with more ease
  • you finally want to connect with your real power and feel like the creator and master of your own life

« Alone, we go fast.Together we go further. » Africain proverb

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I was lucky to meet Maria several years ago and with each new session, the magic happens!

In addition to her professionalism, Maria accompanies us with heart and passion and knows how to put her creativity at the service of her clients for tailor-made sessions, at our own pace. She marvelously combines softness and power in her care and her personality which makes you feel immediately safe. Thank you Maria, a decisive meeting on my way.

Cécile B.

Spread your wings with ease

… a magique art.

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